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True Elements, a global Water Intelligence company features INCA co-founder, Camille Saltman in Thought Leader series Water Matters

Camille Saltman Water Matters

Camille Saltman, Co-founder INCA Renewtech

“Camille Saltman. What a breath of fresh air! Both informative and solutions driven insights on the impact of plastics in our environment. It is hard to believe that in today’s age we are dumping 11M metric tons of plastic into our oceans every year – and then into the food chain for animal life, and ultimately ourselves. We use our oceans and rivers as plastic sinks. When you held up the plastic ware utensils it really hits home. We all relate to the practices at fast food outlets frequented by our children. I am hopeful that all of True Elements and my personal network will reshare your insightful comments on the future of plastics in our environment, and food chains. Just fantastic! Thank you sincerely!”

Kim Patrick Kobza
CEO, True Elements | Water Intelligence

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