Transforming Plants Into Composite Products

One Gurit Magazine featuring INCA Renewtech

It is an exciting time for composites as environmentally-friendly options gain traction in the market place.

The Canadian-based start-up company INCA Renewtech is a pioneer in natural fibre composites. Its ambition is to market sustainable products that will sequester carbon while meeting and exceeding material properties.

Bio-core materials

One of their products in the pipeline is a hemp-based core material with properties and the strength required for use in wind turbine blades as well as some marine and other industrial applications.

High ambitions for a carbon-negative product

Gurit is supporting INCA RenewTech with materials testing and advice for this promising new bio core. The material has been independently assessed by GreenStep Solutions, who concluded that it generates 107% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cutting and milling balsa wood, reduced waste generation by 93%, and water consumption by 93%.

“When ramped to capacity, INCA’s new operation will purchase 54,000-tonnes of bio mass per year generated from farmers growing hemp for plant-based protein. We will process this renewable resource into highly refined fibre. The short fibre will be transformed into BioBalsa. The long fibre will be manufactured into other products for the RV and automotive industry. This puts the waste biomass to productive use and provides farmers with an additional revenue stream.”

David Saltman
CEO of INCA Renewtech

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