Leadership Team

INCA Renewtech’s leadership team are world-leading experts in hemp cultivation and plant genomics, fiber processing, bio-composites manufacturing, and cleantech business development.

David Saltman


David Saltman has built successful cleantech companies for three decades. He was Chairman & CEO of Malama Composites, the first company to manufacture rigid urethane foams from plant-based polymers, receiving the Award for Composites Excellence (ACE) in Innovation from the American Composites Manufacturers Association. Saltman was CMO of Flexform Technologies, the first natural fiber composite facility in North America. This product enabled Ford, GM, Chrysler and Tesla to produce automotive interiors that were stronger, lighter, less expensive and far more easily recycled than glass reinforced plastics. He served on the presidential task force that established green procurement guidelines for the US government, was co-founder of CleanTECH San Diego and is Chairman of the Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council.

Garry Balthes


Garry Balthes is recognized by the North American automobile industry as one of the leading experts in natural fiber composites. Together with Saltman he was co-founder and then President of Flexform Technologies, with programs that include door panels, package trays, truck liners, load floors and other components for Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes and Tesla. In 2010 Gary received the Toyota Global Award for Sustainable Composite Technology. As a consultant to BASF he developed a novel bio-composite system for underbody applications including the Ford F110 truck. He recently designed and built the world’s most sophisticated non-woven bio-composites factory for Carver.

Paul Wybo

paul wybo, president

Paul Wybo brings thirty years of manufacturing and management experience to the Company. He previously oversaw two factories for ABC Industries, manufacturers of industrial textiles and ventilation ducting, where as COO, he implemented lean manufacturing principles to improve EBITDA by 35% and labor efficiency by 90%. Prior to this he was VP of Operations for Able Manufacturing, which produces composite and metal autobody parts. Prior to this, he was production manager of Goldshield Fiberglass, a division of Allied Specialty Vehicles. He is an expert in implementing quality assurance programs including AQPS, QMS and ISO. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and is proficient in AutoCAD, MAS 90/200 and Peachtree for Manufacturing.

Santiago Ribero


Santiago Ribero has a twenty-year track record of success improving the financial stability, risk mitigation, and strategic growth objectives for public and private companies. He currently serves as the Columbian Manager at Banco de Credito e Inversiones and BCI Miami. Prior Ribero was head of corporate finance and banking at Citigroup where he executed structured loans and loan syndications, debt capital market transactions, ECA financings, mergers and acquisitions.

Camille Saltman

camille saltman, cHIEF MARKETING & Sustainability OFFICER

Camille Saltman has led two multi-million-dollar ad/PR agencies and also served as President of Malama Composites, a bio-based and recycled rigid foam manufacturer; of MD Revolution, a software-as-a-service extension of physician practices to provide chronic care management;  and of CONNECT, the business accelerator credited with building San Diego's leadership as one of the top tech clusters in the world. She is also co-founder of CleanTECH San Diego.  She was recently recognized as a “Game Changer” in Natural Products Canada’s 2023 report sponsored by TD Bank on Leading Canadian Companies creating products that are better for people and the planet and as a BDO 40 over 40 by the Kelowna Chamber.  At Malama, she built national demand and distribution in the commercial building industry as well as securing USDA Bio-Based Certification and Federal preferred purchasing status. Her work with CONNECT was recognized by TIME and US News & World Report and her manufacturing Nearsourcing program was recognized as a national model by the Clinton Global Initiative. She has received marketing awards from the AMA, PRSA, and San Diego Ad Club along with innovation in economic development awards from the US Department of Commerce and the State Science & Technology Institute and is recipient of the San Diego Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Award and the YWCA Tribute to Women in Industry Award.

Paul Bullock

Paul Bullock, President of Canadian Operations

Paul Bullock comes from a prominent Canadian agricultural family and has over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical cannabis and industrial hemp cultivation including plant genomics, field operations, compliance and facility design. He and his team have conducted hemp operations in North American and Latin American, where the cultivar can be grown year around, presenting significant opportunities for INCA. Bullock previously owned and operated a company specializing in personal corporate finance, offering exportable services to overseas markets and prior worked in oil and gas specializing in offshore construction and operations.


karl nicholas, vp product development

Karl Nicholas has over three decades of chemical industry experience focused primarily on the marketing and technical development of emerging polymer technologies. He is the founder of Opportunity Composites LLC, a technical development company specializing in creation of natural fiber composites. It was his vision and drive that resulted in success development of novel composite programs at both Ford and Toyota. Nicholas created one of the first industry-focused bio-composite teams while at BASF. This group was cross-divisional in a company not known for taking interdisciplinary approaches. His ability to influence without authority allowed the team to succeed with the highest of corporate visibility and recognition while bringing significant value to engaged customers.

Christopher Schwarz


Chris Schwarz was born and raised in Peru. His finance background includes work in private equity, business consulting and, ultimately corporate finance at one of Canada’s largest banks. He was a strategic investor in an early-stage cannabis company that was acquired by Canopy Growth, after which he oversaw Canopy’s Latin American business development efforts, successfully implementing their operations in Columbia, Chile, Peru, Panama and Brazil. Expertise in Latin America, where hemp can be grown year around, presents significant strategic advantages to INCA.

Callum Hughes

calum hughes, co-founder & board member

Calum Hughes is an INCA Co-founder and Co-founder and current CEO of Allied Corp (OTCQB:ALID), a vertically integrated company focused on the utilization of cannabinoid solutions for health and wellness applications with an initial focus on treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Hughes has extensive expertise in hemp and cannabis cultivation and processing, pharmaceutical research and development, and product distribution. Prior to forming Allied, he had fifteen years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry, including Director of a 140-bed acute care hospital. He has served as a consultant to the Canadian government within the healthcare sector as well as to the pharmaceutical industry. He is a past Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia.

Mary Wetzel

mary wetzel, independent board member

Mary Wetzel is a founder and COO of WishBone Medical, a leading manufacturer of pediatric orthotics. She was the former President of TekModo Industries which developed the first all-composite trailer for the RV industry. Earlier in her career she headed DaimlerChrysler’s multi-billion-dollar regional incentive programs and was Senior Manager for Market Intelligence, and before this, a member of the design team at General Motors. She is an inductee in the Automotive Hall of Fame. She holds a Business Management and Automotive Marketing degree from Northwood University.

Steve Moses


Steve Moses is the owner of Parkdale Investments SA, an advisory firm that he founded in 1987. His company invests in a variety of financial instruments and has specialized in raising private and institutional capital for micro and small cap companies since inception. Moses was formerly a licensed commodity futures trader at Shearson, Lehman Hutton Inc. Prior he was a trader at ICM Trading and an Account Executive at Trade Development Bank. He has lived in Switzerland since 1970 and brings a wealth of international contacts and experience to INCA as the company plans strategic growth.

Linsey Reimer


Linsey Reimer has a 20-year track record as an award-winning designer and marketing strategist working with organizations such as Electronic Arts, The University of British Columbia, The University of Calgary and many early and growth stage technology ventures. As co-founder of TasteAdvisor, a technology platform white labelled by tourism organizations across Canada and now entering the US market, she has extensive, hands-on entrepreneurial experience and a deep understanding of user experience and interface design.

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