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We are very close to finally put into production a North American grown natural fiber product.

“I have received the latest level of materials that were designed to our specific asks. It appears that these novel hemp fiber-based materials have the potential to deliver as promised; lighter, stronger, and more sustainable interior trim components. We are excited as we are very close being able to finally put into production a North American grown natural fiber product.”

Principal Engineer
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Research & Development

Stronger, Lighter, Less Expensive, Renewable

INCA has developed a methodology to produce multilayered mats of hemp fiber, infuse these mats with foamed thermal melt resin, and consolidate the material on our twin-belt press to produce thermoformable pre-pregs for the automotive industry.

These pre-pregs will be stronger, lighter, and less expensive than competitive non-woven mats and panel products. They will sequester rather than generate carbon, be made of renewable resources, reduce vehicle weight, improve side impact resistance, and be formulated to be recovered and reprocessed back into future car parts once automobiles have reached the end of their useful lifecycle.

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