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BioCore provides an answer to both sustainability and technology trends.

“The BioCore project fits nicely with Gurit’s ambitions as a sustainability leader. The wind turbine industry is aiming at zero-waste, recyclable turbine structures and is looking for ways to further reduce its greenhouse gas footprint. Therefore, a material that is both bio-based and made from recycled components is clearly a benefit and provides an answer to both sustainability and technology trends.”

Thomas Nauer

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Sustainability


Low density and high strength make balsa wood an essential core material in boats and wind turbine blades. The wind energy and marine industries use $290M per year. This demand has led to the deforestation of Ecuadorian forests. Prices are skyrocketing, quality is falling and balsa is in short supply. Industry is substituting fossil fuel-based PET foam but seeking sustainable, high performance alternatives.


INCA has developed and patented a novel way of converting hemp hurd into BioCore, a direct replacement for balsa wood and PET. It has consistent properties and the strength required for installation in all sections of the turbine blades as well as marine applications.


INCA has signed a development and commercialization agreement with Gurit, a global manufacturer and distributor of composite solutions to the wind energy, aerospace and marine industries.

INCA BioCore in wind turbine blade

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