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INCA Renewtech is currently signing long term off-take agreements with North American farmers currently growing hemp as part of their rotational crop strategies. By providing a viable, consistent market for hemp biomass we encourage expanded hemp cultivation and provide significant ancillary income for our agricultural partners.


INCA will utilize decades of experience in field operations and plant genomics to assure a consistent supply of high quality fiber for its business. We share this knowledge freely with our suppliers, encouraging farmers to plant and harvest using methodologies that maximize both protein and fiber production.


INCA Renewtech is locating our first manufacturing facility in Indiana within a 200-mile radius of North America’s largest automotive, recreational vehicle, commercial furniture and plastics manufacturers.

The 250,000 square foot factory will be unique and proprietary in the industry and will be divided into four distinct quadrants. It will also have an ASTM-compliant laboratory for product development and quality assurance programs.



Our fiber processing line in Western Canada will be located within a 125,000 square foot building with rail and road access. Bales of hemp straw will enter a bale breaker, be unrolled, and then conveyed into a sophisticated decortication line which will separate the long bast fiber from the short inner core or hurd. Material is further processed and separated into distinct fiber architecture per the specifications of each of the product lines.


Clean short bast fiber will be dehumidified using an RF dryer, then mixed with various polymers and additives, and made into pellets with up to 30% fiber content. For example, one customer may want to use recycled polypropylene while another may want to use polylactic acid to create a 100% bio-based final product. These pellets can be fed directly into injection, compression or extrusion lines with little or no modification to our customer’s existing equipment.



Clean long bast fiber will be deposited onto a continuous belt line where it will be infused with liquid polymer and additives. This low-density mat will enter a twin steel belt press where it will be heated and compressed into panels of up to 45 feet in length. They will be cross-cut, edge-trimmed, and surfaced per customer specifications. This ability to paint or even coat panels with automotive surfaces in-line represents significant intellectual property of the Company.


Hurd from the fiber processing line will be further refined into distinct products. It can be pelletized for cat litter and small animal bedding, ground into fine powder for industrial fillers, or shaped into specific geometries for hempcrete manufacturers. These products will be packaged, labeled and palletized for shipment to our industrial customers and distributors.


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