INCA Renewtech Signs Agreement with Genesis Products to Manufacture Bio-panels for RVs and Trucks and Secures Land in Elkhart County, IN to Build Hemp-based Composites Manufacturing Operation

Kelowna, BC INCA Renewable Technologies ( today emerged from stealth mode to announce the company has secured the land to build a large-scale manufacturing facility in Elkhart County, Indiana that will process thousands of tons of hemp fiber into high performance bio-composite panels and pellets for the transportation, consumer plastics and building materials industries. 

INCA also announced an exclusive sales agreement with Genesis Products, which provides design and engineering, advanced materials expertise and manufacturing facilities to Fortune 200 companies in the RV, building materials, transportation and furniture industries. 

INCA’s Chairman and CEO, David Saltman says, “We’ve built a team with decades of proven experience delivering natural fiber composites to the automotive industry along with deep expertise in plant genomics, fiber processing and hemp cultivation.  We have the capability, the proven track record and the proprietary technology to solve some of the most complex material and performance challenges of our time including replacement of glass reinforced plastics and plywood and achieving carbon neutrality.”

INCA BioPanels™ are initially intended to replace the plywood currently being used in RV and truck trailer construction.  Jon Wenger, CEO of Genesis Products says, “Our company has long awaited a composite panel product that can reduce vehicle weight, increase strength and safety, improve thermal and acoustic properties and reduce impact on the environment.  Our new partnership with INCA Renewtech further powers our ability to incorporate best-in-class materials into our engineered solutions for our customers.”

INCA BioPanels will have application in the furniture and flooring industries, as well as Hollywood movie sets.  The company is also developing proprietary formulations for the automotive and consumer plastics industries.  INCA BioPlastics compounded pellets will enable manufacturers to substitute a bio-based solution for glass reinforced plastics (GRP), without significant modification to their manufacturing lines.  

INCA’s President and CTO, Garry Balthes has decades of expertise developing composite solutions for GM, Mercedes, John Deere, Caterpillar, Toyota North America, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Cirrus Aircraft and many other automotive and non-automotive companies.  In 1997 he co-founded Flexform Technologies with Saltman and created the technology to manufacture the first North American plant-based natural fiber composites– now in millions of cars, trucks, utility equipment and sports aircraft.  In 2015 he designed and built the world’s most advanced non-woven bio-composites factory for Carver. 

Says Balthes, “Throughout my career I have focused on solving the most complex materials challenges in the transportation industry – particularly in the bio-composites field.  Now so much more innovation is possible thanks to our proprietary technology and the expertise of our team.  We’re going to make natural fiber composites a mainstream material in every industry.”

About INCA Renewtech Inc.
INCA Renewtech is forging a new path to global leadership in natural fiber composites.  Leveraging our globally recognized expertise in plant genomics, hemp cultivation, fiber processing and composites manufacturing, we will deliver high performance materials to the transportation, consumer products and building materials industries.  Our products will sequester carbon, reduce deforestation, plastics pollution and GHG emissions while delivering stronger, lighter, cost-competitive solutions to our customers.  More information about INCA is available at 

About Genesis Products
Genesis Products helps manufacturers optimize design, performance and value by integrating high-performance materials with human-centered design to create smarter solutions for every space.  Today, Genesis serves Fortune 200 companies and innovative manufacturers of all sizes with in-house design and engineering, world-class materials expertise and more than a million square feet of leading-edge manufacturing facilities. More information about Genesis Products is available at

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