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Our corporate identity honors the Indigenous origins of our mark. The Incan Civilization - “Children of the Sun” – created world class art and architecture, sophisticated roads, infrastructure and communications systems all based on an agrarian economy. They understood the meaning of sustainability long before we did.

The INCA Renewtech logo is a depiction of the sun rising over the earth’s horizon. Power and light emanate from its center. We are committed to the agricultural heartland of the Americas and the health of our planet by sharing our expertise to help farmers turn hemp biomass into business.

In so doing we will reduce the need for single use plastics, rainforest plywood and cement by creating industrial scale markets for high performance bio-based composites. One of our founding members is Peruvian and South America, where hemp can be cultivated year-round, is a key part of our expansion strategy.

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“I was born and raised in Peru and have long admired the complex agrarian empire and engineering marvels of our ancestors. INCA Renewtech represents a transformative economic opportunity for South American farmers to cultivate hemp year-round and develop manufacturing capabilities to help create a sustainable society.”


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